Pay It Forward for Jennifer on December 14

The world lost a true force of nature when Jennifer passed away earlier this year.  We, her family and friends, plan to remember her on her birthday, December 14, by Paying It Forward.  We will be committing random acts of kindness, much like Jennifer did every day.  By doing so, we hope to spread some joy and smiles to others in her memory.  No act of kindness is too small to make a difference!

Please feel free to share your stories and random acts of kindness here for us all to enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Pay It Forward for Jennifer on December 14

  1. We decided to buy the kid’s meals at Chipotle (Toledo) for a frazzled mom in front of us. It was easy for me, being a mom myself, to totally understand how hard it can be to go anywhere with little kids- especially the long lines at Chipotle lol! She was appreciative and proceeded to tell me she was in labor! We finished our order and left. Realizing in the car the cashier gave us a nice discount! At the bottom of the bag we found a handwritten note on receipt paper saying: #payitforwardforjennifer
    Which prompted me to look it up on IG. I never even knew about this pay it forward movement and I did not know Jennifer but we are so blessed to have been a small part of her legacy. God bless!

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